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With the WE STYLE WAVE, we didn't make it easy for ourselves to develop a board that combines good freestyle and wave characteristics. Various test reports confirm that we have managed to combine these very different characteristics in one board. The wide and rounded bow facilitates freestyle jumping and sliding maneuvers. However, the specially designed rocker line also allows for easy to ride turns in moderate wave conditions. The stretched and parallel outline of the rails, bring the board to high speed and provides the basis for freestyle and jump maneuvers. The flat rocker line between mast rail and tail, make the board extremely glidy, while the pronounced V with double concave in the underwater hull, guarantee very smooth and controlled gliding properties at high speed.

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TypeLengthWide RSS*WeightFin boxRFS (UB)RFS (PB)
WE STYLE WAVE 85 l226cm58cmup to 5.76,7kgUB/PB*TF = 17cmSF = 21cm
WE STYLE WAVE 95 l235cm61cmup to 6.36,9kgUB/PB*TF = 18cmSF = 23cm
WE STYLE WAVE 105 l 238cm63cmup to 6.9 7,2kgUB/PB*TF = 20cmSF = 27cm

*Recomended Sail Size
*UB = US Box
*PB = Power Box
*RFS (UB) = Recommended Fin Size for US Box
*RFS (PB) = Recommended Fin Size for Power Box
SF = Single Fin / TF = Twin Fin

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The WE STYLE WAVE is equipped with one power box and two US boxes. The powerbox option is the ideal solution as a singlefin for freestyle and pump & jump conditions, or just easy to "fly" over the water. The two US boxes are optimized as a twinser fin setup in wave or strong wind conditions. The board becomes very agile and maneuverable in the twinser setup. Despite the stretched outline of the board, tight turns, cutbacks and bottom turns into the water can be performed in the twinser setup.

Footstraps with a pleasantly soft neoprene coating, which are double screwed to the board with high-quality stainless steel hexagon socket screws with thick base diameter, guarantee high comfort and prevent twisting of the footstraps. Three footstrap options are available for his own desired footstrap setup and stance.

The Powerbox and US Box fin boxes are made of high-quality carbon casting, which guarantees a weight reduction, greater durability and dimensional stability of the fin boxes. In return, with the weight thus saved, the board was constructed in double sandwich construction (7mm thick sandwich) on the deck and extremely robust in the bottom with a 5mm thick sandwich. This construction method is currently unique in the series board production. Additional reinforcements in the nose, deck and bottom provide increased load-bearing capacity in the stress zones. High-quality materials such as Aramid-Carbon hybrid fabric, BIAX Nanocarbon in combination with high-quality resin material bring the board to a very high-quality standard. A specially optimized T-stringer technology in the underwater hull provide the board with the optimal combination of stiffness and flex.

Weight: +/- 5%

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