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The WE ONSHORE is designed for playful wave feeling in challenging onshore conditions. Due to its shortness, and its wide tail, fast and tight turns on chaotic onshore conditions are easy to perform. Also, in changing and gusty wind conditions the board is really fun. At the same time, due to its wide tail, you can stay in the footstraps even in light winds, and with every incoming gust you can immediately bring the board into gliding position.

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TypeLengthWideRSS*WeightFin boxRFS* 
WE ONSHORE 89l206cm60cmup to 5.36,4kgUB*CF = 18cm
SF = 11cm
WE ONSHORE 96l211cm62cmup to 6.06,7kgUB*CF = 19cm
SF = 12cm

*Recomended Sail Size
*Recommended Fin Size
*UB = US Box
*CF = Centerfin / *SF = Sidefins

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Construction knowledge

Equipped with three US boxes, different setup options are available. In wave conditions, the board is predominantly used as a thruster (one centerfins and two sidefins). But also, on inland waters or on weak wind days the board is really fun when used with only a slightly larger center fin.

Footstraps with a pleasantly soft neoprene coating, which are double screwed to the board with high-quality stainless steel hexagon socket screws with thick base diameter, guarantee high comfort and prevent twisting of the footstraps. Three footstrap options are available for his own desired footstrap setup and stance.

The power box is made of high-quality carbon casting, which guarantees a reduction in weight, greater durability and dimensional stability. In return, with the weight thus saved, the board was constructed in double sandwich construction (7mm thick sandwich) on the deck and extremely robust in the bottom with a 5mm thick sandwich. This construction method is currently unique in the series board production. Additional reinforcements in the nose, deck and bottom provide increased load-bearing capacity in the stress zones. High-quality materials such as Aramid-Carbon hybrid fabric, BIAX Nanocarbon in conjunction with high-quality resin material bring the board to a very high-quality standard.Weight: +/- 5%

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