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The WE RIDE appears due to its compact outline at first glance like a STUBBY concept. The WE RIDE was designed as a true FREERIDE board which forms an orchestra of gliding strength, smoothness, best jibe characteristics, sporty free riding feel and easy handling.


TypeLengthWideRSS*WeightFin box
WE RIDE 108l224cm67cmup to 7.57,1kgPB*
WE RIDE 119l 231cm69cmup to 8.07,4kgPB*
WE RIDE 130l238cm71cmup to 8.57,7kgPB*
WE RIDE 144l247cm74cmup to 9.08,1kgPB*
WE RIDE 160l255cm76cmup to 9.58,9kgPB*
WE RIDE 180l260cm80cmup to 10.0TBCPB*

*Recomended Sail Size
*Power Box

Fin Size Recommendation 
WE RIDEFinSail Size
119SL-X 34353637    
130SL-X  36373839   
144SL-X  3738394041  
160SL-X  394041424344 
180SL-X  40414243444546

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Construction knowledge

The volume of the WE RIDE was packed in length, width and outline. With a wider nose, a stretched and straight outline, and a relatively wide tail, it manages to get the board into gliding position very easily and quickly, and to glide through wind holes. Thin rails give the board absolute control in turns.

A pronounced V with double concave in the underwater hull allows the board even in choppy conditions calmly and controlled to maximum speed. With three parallel T-stringers installed in the longitudinal axis, high stiffness has been built into the board, the energy from the sail is immediately and directly converted into propulsion, and you also get a very free and sporty surfing feel with the easiest control at the same time.

The WE RIDE is equipped with two rows of footstraps. For the ambitious and sporty freerider, there are footstrap plugs far to the outside. For the intermediate surfer, the inner footstrap rows offer an ideal position for an easy entry into footstrap riding and, in conjunction with the very comfortable and soft footstraps, a high feel-good factor.

In the design and construction was not spared on high-quality and expensive materials. Power boxes in carbon cast construction guarantee perfect and stable fit of the fin.

A high-performance sandwich construction with the highest quality PVC sandwich in the deck and bottom, intelligent use of S-Glass and extensive use of BIAX carbon, as well as additional carbon reinforcements in the nose, deck and bottom give the board a long life despite its low weight.

Weight: +/- 5%

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