Serial Boards

All WE ONE serial boards are designed and manufactured in an unique stable construction.

The bottom is processed with a 4mm PVC sandwich. High quality E-Glass with different carbon materials give the boards the right combination of stiffness, stability and flexcontrol.

In addition, all boards are equipped with intelligent stringer technology depending on the size and type of board.

The deck is constructed with a 6mm PVC double sandwich construction (except Freeride, Slalom and Foil).

For the durability of our serial boards we accepted a minimally higher weight, which naturally results with the use of more material. Due to a sophisticated and elaborate construction method with fourfold vacuuming in the production, we have succeeded in reducing the weight of the boards to a minimum in relation to the materials used.

We use high-quality E-Glass, carbon and hybrid fabric, which are adapted to the respective board types.

Furthermore, carbon reinforcements are integrated in these heavily loaded areas: under the footstraps, the mast track, the fin boxes, the nose and rails.

For our product developments we also deal intensively with physics.

Calculations show that, for example, a board with a volume of 85L must compensate about 45L air volume difference for a sudden temperature difference of 20°C.

The expansion or contraction of the air due to temperature differences in the board has a negative impact on the shelf life.

Our calculations show that the pressure compensation caused by the volume difference due to temperature change with one airvalve is not sufficient.

Therefore, we have decided to equip all our windsurf boards with two active airvalves!