Welcome Friends

Hello! We would like to present you our world. We have 7 continents and 7 oceans and don’t forget about all the lakes. An awesome place to live and to ride. You will find more updates about this project on this website.

We, Gerhard Scharl, Paul Simmerl and Ben van da Steen, are driven by our great passion for windsurfing and technology, which we combine in our products. 


Our passion for shaping

The racing boards from WE ONE come from a long legacy of product development together

with the latest technologies in the virtual world, to create these new shapes for you!

Board 4.0

We thought about how we could take our boards to a whole new level. We are developing a web app and implant all our boards with an NFC chip, which offers the following advantages::

  • Lifeguard Theft Protection
  • Product registration & Warranty
  • Profile Data

Our Boards