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WE WAVE is the definition of a true all wave board! A sophisticated combination of outline, rocker line and the design of the underwater hull, gives the board radical, but easily controllable wave characteristics. In the development we have paid great attention to ride comfort and controlling. The WE WAVE features a pronounced V and double concave in the underwater hull, giving the board a smooth and comfortable ride even in difficult and choppy conditions.



TypeLengthWideRSS*WeightFin boxRFS* 
WE WAVE 70l218cm56cmup to 5.05,9kgUB*QCF = 14cm
QSF = 9cm
WE WAVE 76l220cm57cmup to 5.36,2kgUB*QCF = 15cm
QSF = 9cm
WE WAVE 83l223cm58cmup to 5.76,3kgUB*QCF = 15cm
QSF = 9cm
WE WAVE 90l224cm59cmup to 6.26,6kgUB*QCF = 15cm
QSF = 10cm
WE WAVE 99l225cm60cmup to 6.56,9kgUB*QCF = 16cm
QSF = 10cm
WE WAVE 108l227cm61cmup to 6.77,1kgUB*QCF = 17cm
QSF = 10cm
WE WAVE 116l235cm63cmup to 7.0TBCUB*QCF = 18cm
QSF = 11cm
WE WAVE 129l238cm65cmup to 7.1TBCUB*QCF = 19cm
QSF = 12cm

*Recommended Sail Size
*Recommended Fin Size
*UB = US Box
*QCF = Quad Center Fin / *QSF = Quad Side Fin

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Construction knowledge

The WE WAVE is equipped with two 10" and two 8" US boxes. Due to the long fin boxes, it is possible to determine his individual fin setup according to his own preferences, and conditions. The board also works perfectly in the Twinsersetup, so without the two sidefins. If you choose a fin position in which the side fins are positioned close to the center fins (short distance in longitudinal direction), you can celebrate the most radical and tightest turns into the water. In the Twinsersetup higher speeds can be reached and jumps into the orbit at the right ramp succeed as if by themselves.

Footstraps with a pleasantly soft neoprene coating, which are double screwed to the board with high-quality stainless steel hexagon socket screws with thick base diameter, guarantee high comfort and prevent twisting of the footstraps. For his own desired footstrap setup and stand, three footstrap options are available.

The fin boxes are made of high-quality carbon casting, which guarantees weight reduction, greater durability and dimensional stability. In return, with the weight thus saved, the board was constructed with a double sandwich construction (7mm thick sandwich) on the deck and an extremely robust 5mm thick sandwich in the bottom. This construction method is currently unique in the series board production. Additional reinforcements in the nose, deck and bottom provide increased load-bearing capacity in the stress zones. High-quality materials such as Aramid-Carbon hybrid fabric, BIAX Nanocarbon in combination with high-quality resin material bring the board to a very high-quality standard. A specially optimized T-stringer technology in the underwater hull provide the board with the optimal combination of stiffness and flex.

Weight: +/- 5%

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