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With the WE FREE RACE all sporty ambitious racers have the greatest joy! Fast gliding, gliding through wind holes, high top speed, excellent jibing characteristics, easy and stable handling with a sporty feel at the same time, are just a few features that distinguish the board.


TypeLengthWideRSS*WeightFin boxRFS* 
WE FREE RACE 107l229cm66cmup to 8.56,7 kgTB*36cm
WE FREE RACE 120l230cm72cmup to 9.27,0 kgTB*40cm
WE FREE RACE 130l230cm78cmup to 9.57,2 kgDTB* - Foil ready42cm
WE FREE RACE 140l230cm79.5cmup to 9.57,6 kgDTB*  - Foil ready44cm
WE FREE RACE 150l235cm84cmup to 10.07,9 kgDTB* -  Foil ready46cm

*Recommended Sail Size
*Recommended Fin Size
*TB = Tuttle Box
*DTB = Deep Tuttle Box

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Construction knowledge

The board is designed in the area of the mast rail to the tail with a stretched rocker line, which are the characteristics of a fast and glidy racer. In order to let the board fly smoothly and easily with high end speed even through choppy waters, the underwater hull is provided with a relatively pronounced V, and the tail with cutouts, which were developed through many extensive tests. Three specially arranged longitudinal T-stringers in combination with the use of high quality BIAX Nanocarbon give the board the necessary stiffness, resulting in a very free feel. As soon as the board reaches gliding speed, you get an incredibly free surf feeling, which comes close to "flying" over the water. In short, the WE FREE RACE gives you the feeling of a true race board, but with easy controllability.

Two rows of footstraps allow the positioning of the footstraps further inside for race beginners. The outer footstrap plugs are for all ambitious racers. Footstraps with a pleasantly soft neoprene coating, which are screwed to the board with high-quality stainless steel. All screws with a thick base diameter, immediately bring the feeling of not wanting to leave the strap position.

All plugs and inserts are built in PVC reinforcements. The tuttlebox and deep tuttlebox fin boxes are made of high-quality carbon laminate. Highest fitting accuracy of the fins is guaranteed!

A high-performance sandwich construction with the highest quality PVC sandwich in deck and bottom intelligent use of S-Glass and extensive use of BIAX Nanocarbon, as well as additional carbon reinforcements in nose, deck and bottom provide the board despite low weight a long durability.

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